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Student Filmmakers

This group is for high school and college level filmmakers looking to connect, workshop films, discuss film schools, etc!

  • Introduce Yourself!

    Hello and a warm welcome to each and every one of you actors, directors, cinematographers, editors and young filmmakers all around!

    One of the goals of this group is to connect and share your work for constructive criticism and hopefully, meet future collaborators!

    Step 1: Introduce yourself!
    Give us some information about you and your talents. Provide links and a brief overview of your style, influences, and how much experience you have related to filmmaking!

    Don't be afraid if you are a newcomer who is looking for someone to work with, feedback, or just some helpful advice, because chances are that others are in the exact same boat!

    Now, if you do just so happen to be rather quite experienced, and maybe even have a few internships under your belts, make sure to also to describe what made you YOU as a filmmaker, along with any other tips, tricks, or advice others can benefit from.

    We hope to grow into a great community of sharing, caring creatives who can support and learn from one another!

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