Critiqr is a web app that serves as a virtual workshop, connecting filmmakers to feedback on their work-in-progress films. Asheville filmmaker Kira Bursky of All Around Artsy created Critiqr as a response to her Youtube fans’ requests for feedback on their own films.

Kira teamed up with her brother Jeremy in San Diego who is lead developer of Critiqr.

On Critiqr, filmmakers can post any type of video content for feedback. Using a rubric, critiquers are encouraged to leave their constructive thoughts. Users are rewarded with badges and reputation points that allow them to level up and climb the ranks in the community. Interested filmmakers and film lovers are encouraged to sign up now to join the community.

Critiqr officially launched at the All-American High School Film Festival in New York City on October 5th, 2018 as a mobile app. After gathering feedback from our early users we relaunched Critiqr as a web application on January 1st, 2019. Our new redesign allows for both desktop and mobile friendly experiences.

“I want to help filmmakers develop and strengthen their craft, regardless of age and location. With Critiqr we’ll link up novices with pros and provide the workshop experience for free, for anyone.” says Critiqr CEO Kira Bursky.

All Around Artsy was founded in 2009 by Kira Bursky. She has produced over 50 short films and music videos that have screened and won awards at festivals around the world from New York City to the Ukraine to the White House. Her YouTube channel has 23,000 subscribers and over 10 million views. In 2016, Kira was featured in “Seventeen Magazine” as the April issue’s Power Girl and also that year received the Emerging Artist to Watch grant from Le Couvent in France. In 2015, Kira was selected as the Best Emerging Female Filmmaker at the National Film Festival for Talented Youth in Seattle, WA.